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How Visual and Voice Search are going to emendate SEO in 2019?

SEO strategy has become the most important and crucial technology when it comes to a website. SEO strategy doesn’t stop with ranking and marketing. It deals with different levels of strategy.

Voice and Visual search are something which is going to switch over your website ranking to the higher levels. It is not just an overnight change, in 2017 even Pinterest CEO tweeted, 

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Voice and Visual search - Jujubee Media

This is how these searches are playing a greater role. With the help of visual and voice search, marketers can engage more meaningfully with their prospects at each stage of their purchase journey. This anticipates moving beyond the static websites of old toward more interactive backgrounds that can be accessed anywhere, any time, on any device.

Sensory Search

Search Visibility matters the most! But when it comes to Ranking, we need to decide on the proliferation of IoT devices and machine learning algorithms to fine-tune the results.

Brand contents must be relevant to the query. But those queries need to be more specific and contextual as well.

For those that engage early by executing technical best practices and adapting SEO strategies, they represent some of the leading opportunities in digital marketing for the coming years.

Sensory Search - Jujubee Media

Visual Search

For recent years, Google has provided the ability to upload images or image URL to find out the relevant search for the given query.

In the upcoming generations, you need to use Smartphone cameras as a visual searching tool.

Visual Search - Jujubee Media

The most familiar visual search technologies are Google Lens and Pinterest Lens, but Amazon, Bing and a growing list of larger retailers are all investing heavily in this area. Visual search is also a building block for augmented reality and virtual reality synergies.

Voice Search

Voice Search has been the most popular and counterpart of SEO strategies. In the “age of assistance,” it appears voice will be the favoured mode of access to AI-driven devices. Undoubtedly, some impressive statistics substantiate this claim:

Visual Search - Jujubee Media

Technical SEO

If some brands can’t predict the variety and volume of interest with precision, they must make sure they are in prime position to attract qualified traffic.

Brands should help Google bots by structuring and labelling their own data so that it can be served directly for relevant queries.

Technical SEO - Jujubee Media

There are some essential structured data elements that brands should focus on for visual and voice search (if applicable):

3.Product name.
6.Social profiles.
7.Breadcrumb navigation.


To Close

These SEO strategies are going to rule the upcoming years undoubtedly! If you find any other strategies, you can jot down your comments in the comments section anytime!!

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