Paid Advertising : Make it work wonders for your business!

If you run a business or market for one,likely you might have heard on paid advertising! If you are a new one then it’s time to surf across! It’s an occasional compose to set a run on paid search advertising- a giant marketing platform.

The name says it all,it is a form of digital marketing where search engines allow you to post your business advertisements after getting dollars from your pockets.

 Paid search marketing passes, businesses a podium to advertise with the sponsored platforms of a search engine or at their partner websites by paying – when the ad is clicked(pay per click) or less likely when the ad is displayed (Cost per thousand) or when a contact detail gets generated (‘pay per call’.”)

With Paid search marketing, marketers will be exchanging the space by paying to the owner of the ad space. It’s a bidding process between ad space owners and marketers.

Let’s keep digging the mud further….


“Why to pay when you get for free? “ 

I can hear the whispers of your minds! Here we go..

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These days posting a simple content on social media platforms, does not bring out conventional leads.

Paid search advertising is a must for branding. It exactly helps to target your audience, nourish customer journeys and drag people to your business site to make a purchase.

Paid search ads will boost your visibility on search engines and pulls traffic to your website, and eventually, sales become certain in no time. It’s an effective way to show your company’s  & brand’s name to a huge audience.

Categories of Paid Advertisements:

Let’s take a tour of different types, that prevailing in the market…

  • Search Ads: 

It’s typically a text ad that appears when people start to explore or look for an answer, clarification or a product on search engines websites. An inevitable example is “Google search”.

  • Display Ads:

It presents ads as an image with a (text) content – a banner/poster which usually blinks at the top, bottom or even at the sides of the pages. Ads pop on Linkedin are one of the finest examples of this kind.


  • Product Listing Ads: 

 It allows businesses to post ads on products with Product name, price, descriptions and a tag line along with the company’s name & logo.Apple products come out first on searches, a highly paid one among phone brands.

  • Remarketing Ads: 

 It is shown to the target audience (ie) the previous visitors of the website. It will appear either in the form of a picture or a video. It ultimately depends on the user’s search history.

  • Video Ads:

Video ads appear possibly on all sites, commonly made as a compulsory watch for few seconds and provoke people more than any other forms. Youtube ads are a well-known example.

How to make it money worthy?

Businesses are allowed to track down every happening in paid search marketing- how many times ads are displayed, how often it’s seen, how many clicks and most importantly they could calculate on how many led to sales & retentions.


With that statical picture, businesses could get an idea of how valuable these clicks are and decide on their money investments.

How ad charges are determined?

The pricing is based on the auction (ie) businesses quote their bills during the bidding process, after deciding on how much to be paid off. 


These search engine platforms have their own algorithm structure, which aids them in deciding which ads to be served and in what order. 

The ad posting is not only determined by the investment but also whose ad is most likely going to be beneficiary(ie) clicked.

Other noteworthy considerations:

Advertisers should focus on targeting the audience effectively rather than concentrating only on keywords.

Do not forget your alternative advertising platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & so on..!

Keep a regular track on account management, feed the seeker!

Place an eye on feedbacks and database of users & searchers!

Paid search marketing: a magical spell, which would unleash wonders in no time! 

It’s a deserving investment that would grant fascinated results and it is an inevitable way of digital marketing. These days customers wish to know before purchase, so paid marketing deserves a big go!

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