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All About Google Web Designer

If you are crazy about designing, then the Google Web Designer is something you cannot live without! This new rollout from Google makes designing a cakewalk for all those creative designers fishing for tools to make their life easier.

Every now and then a new application enters the market which surpasses the feature of a prominent tool used widely by the designers. The competition is tough! You will come to know of that if you have been keeping a watch on what ‘s new in the designing field.

Google Web Designer is one such new launch designed exclusively to make the visual content look rich, fabulous and captivating. You do not have to rack your brain with HTML and CSS.

The Google Web Designer is an awesome web application with extremely advanced features that lets you design web content like HTML 5 advertisements and many more using a futuristic code interface. The Ad feature of this application is complete with features like Google maps, YouTube videos, image galleries, and many other plush components.

The design view of Google Web Designer allows you to develop content using fascinating 3D objects, text, and contemporary drawing tools. The graphical user interface of Google Web Designer consists of dynamic tools like a pen tool, shapes tool, and web fonts. Adding to this application gives scope to animate objects and other events on a given timeline.

Once you are done with the content creation, you leave the rest to the Google Web Designer. It automatically sends out a human-understandable form of the components including CSS, HTML5, and JS.

Coding becomes easy since the code view of this app allows you to create XML, JS, CSS files within seconds using the designer’s syntax highlighting feature. Check out the code completion feature as well. This is the best part of the Google Web Designer. It auto-completes the code for you; something like the “IntelliSense” feature of coding which might be well aware of so your code writing becomes quick and easy.

Moreover, this app gives you the freedom to run design and motion graphics on any platform; be it MAC, WIN or LINUX. The designs are highly compatible! The designer allows for seamless integrations and faster content creations as well. Now you can create catchy designs and appealing HTML5 content using this application from the ingenious tech giants…Google!

To sum up, the Google Web Designer is all about Interactivity. You can use events and connect your physical gestures to action, organize multiple levels of projects using pages, animate it by hooking simple frames in QuickMode and create jaw-dropping 3D content.

All this and much more only with Google Web Designer!

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