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5 WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without!

You have downloaded the latest version of WordPress, installed and configured it to make it work. Your website is now ready to fly on the wings of WordPress. But wait are you forgetting something? If you have missed out on those plugins then your Website is losing its better half. WordPress is probably incomplete if it does not have at least the basic Plugins installed. It’s not that your website won’t run but it will lose its effectiveness. WordPress Plugins fuel your website and help you incorporate probably any feature without taking much of your time. From ready-made Contact Us forms to built-in SEO WordPress Plugins have it all.

Now it’s your turn to decide which of these you need to fit into your WordPress framework and why! Just because it’s freely available that doesn’t mean you install all of them and overload your WordPress framework. Choose wisely. First, understand the heartbeat of your website. Then do an R&D on the plugins your website will actually need. If you have managed to pick the right ones then your WordPress website will look like a superhero in the front end. Get the most popular 15 best WordPress SEO plugins here to skyrocket your website traffic.

If you still are unsure about which ones to choose, let us help you out with it!

Here are a few must-have WordPress plugins which make your lives really easy…

1. Yoast
This is probably the handiest plugin which helps you make your WordPress content more SEO-friendly. Yoast takes care of all the optimization tasks which otherwise you would be doing manually. Above all, it encourages you to write quality content and gives you an update on the status of the content you have written. From making the right use of tags to giving flesch scores, Yoast does it all for you! If you are more of an SEO person then this plugin is just for you!

2. W3 Total Cache
Optimize your web performance by making use of this plugin. The W3 Total cache is designed to improve your website’s performance and page speed, all at the same time! With reduced page load time and increased conversions rates, this plugin optimizes performance using caching.

3. WooCommerce
Convert your website into a shopping store within a jiffy! The WooCommerce platform allows you to built eCommerce based websites without having to worry about security. The plugin is feature rich, robust and extremely easy to use. You can customize it to suit your needs and integrate payment gateways with ease. So the next time you plan to build an online book store make sure your WordPress incorporates the WooCommerce plugin.

4. NextGen
Your galleries will never feel this good! The Nextgen photo gallery allows you to upload bulk images, manage thumbnails, centralize gallery management and delivers the next level of user experience. Customize your gallery with the many features from Nextgen!

5. WordFence
Secure your website with this plugin and keep vulnerability attacks at bay. This plugin scans your website and debugs it, making it run 50 times faster than before. Keep your WordPress website safe with the many robust features from this plugin.

And the list does not end with this; Google Analytics, BuddyPress, Duplicator and many more are up in line for optimizing your website.
There is a plugin for everything your website would ever need. Think over and chose the ones that will fit your website just right. Choosing the right plugins can do wonders for your website and your business too!