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10 Best Web Design Tools We Love!

Life of A Designer

Hunch of every designer on their preferred tool list is always right! Burgeoning Boundless tools adds dexterity to the Design lead, but the Designers choice will always be on the tool list they have been using for decades.

‘Designers clinch their toolset’

The invention has found broader leaps, with technology growing eminently. The design has taken a different shape although Photoshop and Illustrator are being preferred by Lead Designers today.

Well, extravagant talent is required handling these superlative tools the right way! With many vibrant tools solving the chunk purpose, why not try implementing them?

The design is a vast arena and finding befitting tools for your accurate purpose might turn hard at times. So, here we go with a mesmerizing list of design tools… Just to make your search easier.

I. Typography Tool Set – ‘Present with great Styling!’

01.Google Fonts

The Web is experiencing a flaunt less richness and an amazing variety of the Fonts.

“Use High-Quality Fonts”

What does the Google Font do?

Google Fonts is a collection of the interactive application programming interface, that allows Users to use these fonts on their website.

Fonts and the Bandwidth are available FREE.

This gives the Web Designers and the Developers an effective Bonanza! You No longer have to depend on the installed Fonts on your machine.

Pick the Best Font available from the Amazing bundle wrap!

Google Fonts are FREE to use.


FontStruct is a Free Font building tool.

If you love to craft Fonts, Font Struct is one place you could Think!

Building Fonts with FontStruct:
Fonts are constructed using Geometrical shapes. Ensuring a quicker and easier way to build Fonts!

Being done with your Design, FontStruct generates Truetype fonts which readily allows you to download and deploy your created Font in the application of your choice.

Creating your Own Font and deploying it in applications is pure Bliss!

Looking for how to design your Fonts? Here you go with the guide:
The Ultimate guide to Craft your fonts.

FontStruct also provides an option to Share Fonts with Community you like or keep them private to your account.

How could there be Cost for the creative crafting of Fonts? FontStruct is all ‘FREE’ on its usage.

Have a Great time Building your Fonts with FontStruct!

II. Stock Photos Tool Set- ‘Rent the Photograph!’

03. Pexels

With Pexels enormous collection of Images, the efficient Bloggers and the top-notch designers find work at peace!

How does Pexels Work?
All Photographs on Pexels are licensed with CC0(Creative Commons Zero). This strikingly pulls off the leverage on the usage anywhere.

The modification is made just adept. Works unparalleled on the Editing front. Adding texts, mixing your favorite filters is almost done in flips.

Pexels is a great tool for the Stock Photographs, and most important it is all ‘FREE’.

Whopping eldorado of Pexels is that it doesn’t ask to add attribution to any of the pictures you use!

That’s just so tempting!

Quench your Temptations at Pexels!

04. Iconfinder

It’s the icons free fall! Powered search engines, making the icon search efficiency simple and easy commoving from the ‘Icon Database’.

With Iconfinder:
Find High-quality engrossing icon list for the smartest web developers and ingenious Web Designers.

Choosing icons for your purpose is made simpler. Iconfinder offers a Free list of downloadable Icons and a Premium Icon list for its subscribers.

Icon always blends perfectly in your design and Iconfinder gives you the perfect icons.

How can charges be implied for massive Searching? IconFinder is all ‘FREE’

Great Icons and all at a Great Place! Find from the Icon Database

III. Infographics Tool Set –Express Images’

When Visualization turns an Eldorado!

A breakthrough to all your Long boring resumes.

What do you visualize?
A vivid representation of your resumes, with an interactive base and with a unique flare of style! creates Resumes that speak! They make your resumes beautiful, relevant and fun. They turn your boring resumes into a mind-boggling and a Compelling one!

Emphasizing their vision on converting your aggrandize skill set on education, profession, and the innate qualifications into a deserving Opportunity.

Also, you could create tempting infographics!

Enjoy innovation at no cost. is all ‘FREE’.

Convert your Boring Resumes into Attention Grabbing ones at

We are living in a data flooded arena! ‘’ is a trusted Usage platform for the ‘Huff’ Post!

What’s is a Data Visualization Company that helps in creating charts, infographics, and maps.

It’s the animated way when ‘data’ speak. Data visualization has taken a different shape with

It has a simple working functionality and a strong design aesthetic.

Creating charts, maps, and a full infographic is easy. 35+ readily available charts and 500+ maps.

To add to the instantly available bowl you have best 20 Infographics and adding last to the crate would be a one million Images and Icons readily available.

4.8 million Infographics and charts that are available and is viewed by over 50 million people in a month.

It’s an Online Tool and is available ‘FREE’

Wanna have a look at the performance rate?

Here you go, with the Compatibility Stats.

To know more on how to efficiently use, drop in here.

IV. Collaboration Tool Set-‘League of the Associates’


Tiny Tool that provides great tool support, makes it vibrantly easy to share ideas on any Website or over the Image

Bounce’s Verve:
Bounce allows you to add notes with Drag and Drop on the URL(website) or the Image.

After you’re done with the Feedback, you can share with anyone.

Collaboration between various associates working on the same project is made simpler. Feedbacks on changes are left on the live site, evading the necessity to take, upload and download screenshots.

Bounce also allows you to share Feedbacks via Social Media as well.

Your Feedback analysis is valuable for the working and Bounce doesn’t charge for any of it! Bounce is absolutely ‘FREE’ on the Usage.

Bounce has hosted an app for itself in the App Stores.

Looking to Share your Feedbacks, here’s Bounce offering you the Platform.

08.Color hunt

This is the best place where all color lovers could plausibly land!

Let the color hunt Begin

Extravagance and divergence could speak colors. Magnificently constructed Color palettes and is beautiful to look at the colors play.

Construction of color palettes:
It’s interesting to know how the name turns so great while searching for the colors! The Hunt of your color search begins with you and culminates with ‘YOU’.

The colors are not brought from the default directory, they are constructed by the Users and each of the selection is diligently hand-picked reviewed and then displayed on the color palette.

Hover on the color palette to know the color codes. ’Finding colors’ is just made simple.

If you are so passionate about colors and would wanna turn a contributor? You can very well do that with color Hunt or just simply download the color you want from the gargantuan color library.

Search the color you want and enjoy! It’s all available for ‘FREE’

Your Hunt for search is complete when you are with the color hunt.

V. Prototyping Tool Set-Simulate your Final Product’


Coding is not everyone’s piece of cake!

‘Think It, Build It’

What could you plausibly gain from Weld?
Weld is an Online tool for creating functional mobile apps and web services and just without the need to code!!

‘You are just Free from the clutches and glitches of Coding!’

Weld functions with the 3D’s – Draw, Drag, Drop.

With these simple D’s you could see your creative inputs get transformed into a live app or a website.

Who is weld for? – Entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, and schools. Anyone who wants to see their vision go live, Weld is the Best Tool.

Weld is available for ‘FREE’.

Animate your dreams to Life, with Weld!

10. Be Funky

‘Frame you into the Picture!’ Be funky is the Best Online Photo Editor.
It’s Fun, Easy and just adept for editing your photos.

What’s the ‘Be Funky’ Mission?
Tool for creating beautiful photographs with a professional quality design, and without any knowledge on the Professional Front!

Ahhh!!! Just a perfect enhancer to your Photograph!

Be funky works with a protagonist mission:
Be Open – to the changes, ideas and the diversities.
Be Effortless – Simplify until it becomes Effortless.
Be Creative – Create your photographs, with your innate creativity.
Be Funky – Bring in your unique flare of innovation!

Create epic Photographs, with this Online ‘FREE’ photo editor.

Take the Funky swag, create Amazing photos with ‘Be Funky

So, Here’s the right time to know and to Learn

Plethora collection of Design tools and it’s always a tough task to choose the Best among them.

There are hundreds of great tools and websites out there for you to choose and it’s certainly impossible to get them all into the list.

My list goes on with the most deployed and useful design tools used by the Best website design company in Wilmington!

Have jubilant time to create Exotic and Phenomenal Designs!

I would definitely like you to share your favorite tools, which I’ve missed out here in the comments section or ping us on Twitter @Jujubeemedia.